The next “Safemoon” / “Dogecoin” according to experts – Bichamon Coin

The next “Safemoon” / “Dogecoin” according to experts – Bichamon Coin" title=""/>

Bichamon has often been referred to by experts as the next “Safemoon” or “Dogecoin”

Mentioned at fox news ^

(BMC) Is the functioning native currency in the up and coming Play to earn Video Game named Bicha Monsters.

Which is short for: Binance Chain Monsters. And reflects back to the Binance Smart Chain which the coin has been launched through.

The Company and persons behind the cryptocurrency and Play to earn Video Game is mainly located in Norway / Switzerland / Amsterdam.

And their looking to combine the Blockchain Technology with Passive income, Gamification, NFT, DEFI and various other features all in one.

And they are planning on boarding on millions of players for their video game through their partners in Europe and Asia.

Experts have often refereed to them as the next “Safemoon” or “Dogecoin”. Not because they are the same in terms of utilities.

But rather because of the similar interest levels at such early stages, that investors and exchanges have taken on the projects.

The native currency (BMC) and it’s functioning Tokenomics:

8% Gets redistributed back proportionate to all wallet holders of (BMC) based on exchange volume and in game transactions in USD(c).

4% is redistributed to Marketing & Strategic buy back (BMC) bought back will be sent to a burn address to increase the scarcity of the native currency.

2% Is automatically re-added to liquidity pool to create a more stable price floor for (BMC).

There is also a built in anti whale feature in the contract to ensure that no higher amount than 0.125% of the total supply is being able to be sold at once.

The Tokenomics around (BMC) ensures that even if there would occur a “Crypto downtrend” that holders and players still get rewarded.

In the up and coming video game which is set to be released by end of January 2022 On Ios & Android for mobile. And Windows for PC.

Players are able to run freely in a Meta verse and tame various of creatures and sell/trade these to other players or put up for live auction.

There is also the option to mint these as non fungible tokens, and create your own unique set of Bicha Monsters through race evolving and combining.

Players themselves owns all the data and intellectual property associated with their user accounts in the video game.

This is without a doubt a company and cryptocurrency that should be watched.

You can read more about them through

And their only trade-able through pancake swap currently.

Contract id: 0x8f7445e2f9610659f95a629531d3e6743b13dc89

You do not wanna miss out on this lowmarketcap gem

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