Goji Crypto The next step towards supporting online business transactions : altcoin

The next step towards supporting online business transactions : altcoin" title=""/>

Goji Crypto (“Goji”) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that aims to allow businesses to leverage the power of the blockchain with ease. By way of allowing businesses to conduct transactions in fiat currencies across the existing Ethereum blockchain without the need for developing or maintaining their own infrastructure.


The Hanu Yokia ($HANU) token is and always will be the doorway and the key to the Goji Cryptoverse. Through $HANU you can swap for other ecosystem tokens; Mia Neko ($MIA) and Goji ($GOJ). Staking these three tokens will be a key element of unlocking the ability for maximum rewards on the Gojiswap Exchange. In short, load those $HANU bags to get ready for swapping and staking. The more you stake, the faster you earn!

Staking $HANU, $MIA, and/or $GOJ will allow users to yield a return of the Safaia Gabanansu ($GABA) governance token. $GABA will have an initial value near 1000x that of $GOJ and will be the most valuable token in the ecosystem with only 1m coins minted. In addition, $GABA also provides the owner governance within the Gojiswap Exchange platform.

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Our Lead Dev – Stephen Banner is fully doxxed, and as a reputable member of the crypto community and a current VP at a Fortune 500 company I don’t see ANY signs of a rug pull here. Stephen is leading a team of 5 developers with backgrounds in blockchain, DevOps, architecture, product development, governance / compliance, financial analysis, and IT security. When I dove into the community I found that they are inclusive and transparent with what is going on behind the scenes. Probably because they are proud of the work everybody is doing I could imagine. Either way I am very excited to see this all come to fruition. In the near future.


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