ROTTSCHILD ($ROTTS) is ready to take off. Did you miss Doge or Shiba? Don’t make the same mistake again : altcoin


$ROTTS: the most ambitious doggie meme token yet under the radar! Unique metaverse, unique utilities, the best whitepaper by far. Less than 620 holders! Do yourself a favor, come and see!

Hey everyone. I’m here to talk to you about ROTTS. The Rottschild family plans to become richer and more famous than the Rothschild family, by creating a one-of-a-kind metaverse!

  • Less than 650 holders, with a very low market cap!

  • Liquidity locked in for 100 years

  • Audit of CertiK

  • And the best whitepaper of all meme tokens!

Have a look here: (website) (whitepaper) and all the links you need on Linktree:

Right now, they are doing a special Black Friday operation! Each purchase, regardless of the amount, adds 1 million ROTTS to the prize pool, which will be shared between 3 randomly selected winners.

First draw wins 50% of the pot

Second draw wins 30% of the pot

Third draw wins 20% of the pot

This project has a strong symbol: the struggle of the CRYPTO currency against the FIAT currency. Their goal is to get the whole planet to adopt crypto-currencies (not just their own), to speed up the transition from FIAT currency to CRYPTO currency to bring freedom to everyone to enjoy their money as they wish.

Their projects are very ambitious (ROTTS Academy, ROTTS me, ROTTS Pay) and so far the team has always delivered what they promised. This is a project that is still flying under the radar because the big marketing push hasn’t started yet.

This is the time to position yourself for those who are looking for a nice project with a low marketcap.


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