The Future of Oracles in DeFi : altcoin


As an Oracle, Modefi take the use of Oracles to the next level ! Modefi does not compete against other Oracles but complete them. Indeed, the team has many purposes to help solving problems of existing Oracles securely and fully decentralized :

  • Oracle Aggregator : by integrating multiple oracles into the platform, data requested will be more trustless, secure and decentralized

  • On-Demand Oracle : platform will allow users through an intuitive and user-friendly interface to obtain on-time and uncommon data requests from outside data source (even if these sources do not have API)

  • Oracle Marketplace : decentralized turnkey platform that will allow third-parties to connect and exchange data autonomously

Soon, the Beta Oracle Aggregator v2 and the On-Demand will be released, as well as partnerships and clients. You can see through this link their last update with a preview of the On-Demand :

The Modefi solutions are really needed for DeFi in the blockchain world so do not hesitate to take a look at this project 😉

Modefi is currently on Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom, BinanceSmartChain and Kucoin.

Token : $MOD (marketcap is only ~13m right now)

Website :

Official Telegram group :

Twitter :

Coingecko :

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